Microsoft Excel Online

Free Online Spreadsheet Software Microsoft excel is part of Microsoft’s Office suite. There you must usually pay for it, but Microsoft has also created an online version of Office. That is, to use Excel is now online. That’s handy, because that way you can always and everywhere use this program without having the need installed on your computer. Microsoft Excel Online is completely free and use it in every browser. What is useful about the online version of Excel that you can work directly online. However, this online version has fewer features than the original version, but that goes for the entire online Office suite. You must log in with a Microsoft account. You do not, then that is created very quickly. Another affordable option of working online is that you can work simultaneously with others on the same document. You will see the changes of the other right. That’s because all adjustments are automatically stored in OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service, and that your document is also saved automatically. You do not have to do anything for. It is convenient to the sheets to give their own name, of course. Microsoft Excel online will work in the same way as the offline version. You can quite get to work with numbers. You may sort figures and data in spreadsheets or workbooks. Over time Excel also recognizes your pattern, thus remaining details are filled in automatically. The online program can also perform complex analyzes for you. Additionally, you can convert the figures and data in attractive charts and graphs so that you have your data in a clear overview is together. That is also the perfect way to present your data visually to others. You can also use different colors, you can set a beam or column. That way, your presentation a lot easier and certainly for yourself also much clearer. Even with the online version of Excel, you work with a lot of standard templates, but you can also choose to start a new document from scratch. Because Microsoft Excel Online OneDrive with work, you can also have your sheets and workbooks easy sharing OneDrive or SharePoint, another platform from Microsoft and some sort of online intranet, where you can go and other users. When you or others working on a document, you can always look back to earlier versions. I can convenient version of history, which you see on the left side of your screen in the menu. You send your Excel files easily via instant message or as an attachment to an email.
Microsoft Excel Online:

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