Microsoft Excel 2017

Microsoft excel 2017 is the spreadsheet editor included in the popular Microsoft Office suite that will offer you all the essential features when it comes to creating this kind of documents. You’ll be able to analyze, manage and share the information to take more precise decisions, with a clear idea of the trends of the most important data for your company

When it comes to spreadsheets, take no chances

It’s not every day that you can download a free spreadsheet and be totally satisfied. Microsoft Excel offers total guarantees. Microsoft has spent many years committed to the development of this type of tool, something that translates into an application that works as well as it possibly could.


  • Create customized spreadsheets.
  • Insert all kinds of statistical tables and graphics to represent the data.
  • Import data for the document from an SQL Database or other programs.
  • Create calculation rules and customized macros.
  • Compare data, detect patterns and trends.
  • Recover spreadsheets you had closed accidentally.
  • Allows you to work collaboratively.
  • Publish the data online and make them accessible wherever you are, where you’ll also be able to edit them or access them from your mobile.
  • New ‘Mini chart” feature to insert small charts into each cell.

Renovated interface to optimize your work

The interface of Microsoft Excel, in accordance with the rest of products of the suite to which it belongs, it includes the ‘Ribbon’ interface, thus managing to make using the tools easier to use and more accessible. The elements are well distributed, making it more dynamic, which is also encouraged by the new ‘Backstage’ menu or the integrated visualization of related data and graphics. As well as this, it’s worth mentioning the control over styles and icons and the new fillers, that are ideal to provide each value with more visibility.
There are several templates that can be used as a starting point to work, even though you’ll have the possibility to customize your own.

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